ScriptSource is a dynamic, collaborative reference to the writing systems of the world, with detailed information on scripts, characters, languages – and the remaining needs for supporting them in the computing realm. It is sponsored, developed and maintained by SIL International. It currently contains only a skeleton of information, and so depends on your participation in order to grow and assist others.

The purpose of ScriptSource

ScriptSource exists to provide this information and bridge the gap between the designer, developer, linguist and user. It seeks to document the writing systems of the world and help those wanting to implement them on computers and other devices.
The initial content is relatively sparse, but includes basic information on all scripts in the ISO 15924 standard. It will grow dynamically through public submissions, expert content development and live linkages with other web sites. Rather than being just another web site about writing systems, ScriptSource provides a single hub of information where both old and new content can be found.

Where does the information come from?

ScriptSource gathers information from a variety of sources, both public and private. There are two types of data on the site – Core and Community.

Core data includes lists of scripts, characters and languages, their features, and the relationships between them. Some information is drawn from international standards such as ISO 639-3 (languages), Unicode (characters) and ISO 15924 (scripts). Additional detail is drawn from other respected sources such as the Ethnologue (language/country data) and the Common Locale Data Repository (character-language relationships). Further data, such as language-script associations, is collected and maintained manually by the ScriptSource staff and SIL International. All core data is carefully maintained and cannot be directly modified by the general public, although we welcome corrections and submissions.

Community contributions are short texts, graphics, links, bibliographic entries, documents and software. These are submitted by the broad community of ScriptSource members, including ScriptSource staff, and are associated (linked) with specific scripts, characters and languages. These submissions go through a light moderation process to ensure that the content belongs on the site and is associated to the core data in the most useful ways. Finally, the community can also post needs, so that volunteers and organizations are more able to identify and meet them.

Content on ScriptSource is made available through a variety of licenses, but we strongly recommend open content licenses. For more information see our Licensing Policy.



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