Team members
Stefan Peev
Publisher, Graphic Designer, Type Designer. Works with Latin, Cyrillic and Greek scripts. Plovdiv, Bulgaria, e-mail: [email protected]
Igor Freiberger
Type designer. Works with multiple scripts. Part of the Fontlab QA and Support team. Porto Alegre, Brazil
Viktor Kharyk
Viktor Kharyk is an Ukrainian designer, b. Kiev, 1957. Graduate of the Senior College for Print and Design in Kiev in 1982. Viktor became art director at Sphera in Kiev. Main type designer at Kiev-based company Unique GmbH in 1988-2001. In 2012, he cofounded Apostrof with Konstantin Golovchenko. He designs Armenian, Greek, Georgian, Devanagari, Hebrew, Cyrillic and Arabic fonts, and is particularly interested in revivals of ancient, forgotten, or historically important typefaces and writing systems.
Ivan Apostolski
Ivan Apostolski, 1975. Art director at New Moment New Ideas Company, Belgrade, Serbia. Working in advertising since 2008. A fan of typography and lettering.

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  1. Hello.
    My name is Iryna Dviliuk and I’m an author on your site.
    I want to receive statistics on sales of my fonts on your site.
    I wrote in email [email protected]
    but I didn’t receive a response to my message.
    Also, I can’t log in to my supplier account on your site. please answer me via email [email protected] or [email protected]
    and explain the reason why I cannot get the statistics on my sales and access to my dashboard.
    Thank you
    Best regards.
    Iryna Dviliuk

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