KULAG typeface designed by Pavels Lavrinovics. KULAG is a bilingual display typeface, designed for Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. It originates from a propaganda background and has been developed with reference to typographic examples found in posters, documents and certificates from the Soviet Union. This grotesque typeface was developed for use in advertisement or other large scale work. KULAG includes Latin and Cyrillic capitals, outlines and numerals. The type was designed in 2016, it is free of charge for anyone interested.

Design, Publisher, Copyright, License

Design: Pavels Lavrinovics

Publisher: Pavels Lavrinovics

Copyright 2016 by Pavels Lavrinovics. All rights reserved.

License: Free for PERSONAL and COMMERCIAL use
Permissions: Private use Commercial use Modification Distribution Limitations: Liability Warranty Conditions: License and copyright notice Same license

Pavels Lavrinovics

Pavels Lavrinovics

Born in Riga, Latvia. Graduated National College of Art and Design (2016), Dublin, Ireland.

Free License

Download: KULAG | Google Drive

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