Pepsi Cyr Lat

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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Разъяренный чтец эгоистично бьёт пятью жердями шустрого фехтовальщика.

Огньове изгаряха с блуждаещи пламъци любовта човешка на Орфей.

Cyrillic Adaptation By Dmitry Astakhov. Copyright Jakub Degorski 2000. All Rights Reserved.

Design, Publisher, Copyright, License

Design: Jakub Degorski

Copyright 2000 by Jakub Degorski. All rights reserved.

Cyrillic Adaptation: Dmitry Astakhov

Copyright 2016 by Dmitry Astakhov. All rights reserved.

License: MIT (X11) License. Embeded in the font license TEXT

Free License

Download v.1.000: Pepsi Cyr Lat | Google Drive

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