PH from Fontfabric is a multifaceted Latin and Cyrillic font system consisting of different font weights and types of condensation. The full version of PH consists of 96 fonts.

Design, Publisher, Copyright, License

Design: Ani Petrova, Asen Petrov

Publisher: Fontfabric

Ani Petrova

Ani Petrova

Type designer, b. 1988, Sofia, Bulgaria, who works at Fontfabric, Svetoslav Simov’s typefoundry. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at The National Academy of Art in Sofia. In 2014 she obtained a Master’s degree in type design.

Free License

Download 4 free demo fonts: PH | Fontfabric

Commercial License

Where to buy: MyFonts

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DOWNLOAD 4 free demo fonts at Fontfabric
Buy the full Version at MyFonts (it consists of 96 fonts).

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