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(EN) The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. (NL) Op brute wijze ving de schooljuf de quasi-kalme lynx. (CS) Nechť již hříšné saxofony ďáblů rozezvučí síň úděsnými tóny waltzu, tanga a quickstepu. (HU) Jó foxim és don Quijote húszwattos lámpánál ülve egy pár bűvös cipőt készít. (RO) Înjurând pițigăiat, zoofobul comandă vexat whisky și tequila. (RU) Разъяренный чтец эгоистично бьёт пятью жердями шустрого фехтовальщика. (BG) Огньове изгаряха с блуждаещи пламъци любовта човешка на Орфей. (SR) Фијуче ветар у шибљу, леди пасаже и куће иза њих и гунђа у оџацима. (EL) Ταχίστη αλώπηξ βαφής ψημένη γη, δρασκελίζει υπέρ νωθρού κυνός. Type your own text to test the font!

As I began to develop the font I also read quite a bit about typography. In an article about various scripts I found out that experts differentiate mature scripts from those that are immature by seeing if capital letters differ from lower case letters, and if these have varying ascenders and descenders, so that the written text is easier to read. I also wanted to do these requirements justice by the development of the font.
In designing the letters I have standardised their forms as much as possible with the goal of designing a modern standard font with serifs, similar to the well-known “Times New Roman”.
In total I have invested around four year’s work of my leisure time in this project and I finally finished the font in April 2009. It’s not easy for me to say which geographical or historical influences are reflected in my font. You could say that it ties various traditions from different regions and centuries of Croatian Glagolitic culture together. For this reason I have named the font simply “Croatica”.
I believe I have provided almost all the Glagolitic letters that were used in the past, and some variations and ligatures (as no cursive equivalents exist for the older letters that were not used any more in Croatia, I created some myself); additionally also the Glagolitic numbers and all important punctuation marks and other special symbols, so that the font contains more than 260 characters.
My aim was for the font to find use not only for the contemprary Croatian language, but also for all other Glagolitic and (Old)Church Slavonic texts.
The only current problem with this font is the inadequate unicode and the keyboard coding. I found a solution for writing/typing (unfortunately a transliteration is not possible), but lobbying the Unicode Consortium from different sides could and should done for the expansion of the Glagolica unicode.
It is my wish that the font be made available for use for all interested persons and institutions that are concerned with this topic.

Copyright, 2009: Nenad Hančić

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  Vector reconstruction of Glagolitic Letters, Cyrillic Letters and Ornaments
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