Underdog is an informal typeface with broken corner lines. It can serve many different purposes, in posters, magazine headlines or on food packaging. It changes its mood as the context of use changes: it can be playful in a childish design, feel punk in musical posters, unceremonious in fashion magazines or aggressive in a warning poster.

The inspiration for this typeface comes from hand-made signs seen on the street, and also the lettering found in musical culture. All shapes, lines and corners look like they are improvised, yet each of them has common rules to make the whole typeface work together, in both short words and longer sentences.

The typeface was designed by Sergey Steblina, and the font was technically engineered and published by Jovanny Lemonad.

Design, Publisher, Copyright, License

Design: Sergey Steblina

Publisher: Sergey Steblina, Jovanny Lemonad

Copyright: 2012 Sergey Steblina, Jovanny Lemonad. All rights reserved.


Sergey Steblina

Sergey Steblina

Graphic designer in Odessa,who made the hand-printed Latin / Cyrillic typeface Strel (2012, with Jovanny Lemonad), and the free hand-drawn polygonal Latin/Cyrillic typeface Underdog (2012, free at Google Web Fonts).

Free License

Download: Underdog | Google Drive

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