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Разъяренный чтец эгоистично бьёт пятью жердями шустрого фехтовальщика.

Огньове изгаряха с блуждаещи пламъци любовта човешка на Орфей.

Menaion Unicode is intended for representing text from Ustav-era manuscripts (either Cyrillic or Glagolitic), primarily in an academic setting. In addition to Cyrillic and Glagolitic characters, it also contains characters of early Slavic ecphonetic notation. Menaion Unicode is based on the Menaion font designed by Victor A. Baranov at the Manuscript Project and reencoded for Unicode by Aleksandr Andreev.

The current version of Menaion Unicode is 2.0. Note: a bug in some implementations of OpenType rendering prevents the correct positioning of combining letters in Glagolitic. If you need support for combining Glagolitic characters, we suggest using the SIL Graphite version of the font.

The current version of Menaion Unicode is 2.0.

Design: Aleksandr Andreev


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