Font Creation for Newbies

From where to start

Suppose you would like to try youself in font creation. From where to start is your first question. And don’t forget the every new start in our life is a question for our motivation for life choice.

Start by drawing letters

Simply draw the letter A. Then draw it again. The two A are not alike, aren’t they?

If you want quick results

If you want quick results without particular knowledges, then you should try nonprofecional software for font creation. There is plenty of such software in the net although it is not enough and surely there isn’t software just for you and for your purpuse.

Choose your prefered software

Go to the section FONT CREATORS, EDITORS AND ADDITIONAL TOOLS but forget the first half of the listed software (it’s not for you). Instead, consider trying FontStruct, Prototype, Fontifier, YourFonts, Glyphr, iFontMaker, FontArk, Calligraphr. Most of these font creators are web based and free. Some of the listed programs (like FontStruct) has a very strong support by their developers, so think about it – you need to choose not only the software you like, you need to choose a software with a good support. Then follow the instructions of this software or… if there isn’t such instructions, follow the next notes (alas! creation without any knowledge is impossible – even for Gods).

Make a good profecional choice

If you don’t want to just play making fonts, but rather want to express some your ideas then you should make a good profecional choice of software. I’ll not give you particular advice which font creator (of the first half of the section FONT CREATORS, EDITORS AND ADDITIONAL TOOLS) to choose. You should decide whether to spend money for commercial one or try the free one. But… have in mind – whatever you choose your choice will be good but not perfect (simply because there isn’t such thing as a perfect software).

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