Main features

Supported Font Types:

  • TrueType, TrueType Collection, OpenType, Adobe Type1
  • view installed fonts, fonts in folders (not installed).

Install/Uninstall fonts:

  • install fonts into system or uninstall fonts from system.

Find Duplicate Fonts:

  • find duplicate fonts in folders and delete unnecessary font files.


  • print font list with user defined sample text

Export as Image:

  • export font list as an image with user defined sample text


  • supports antialiasing for designers


  • Rename many font files with their font name at once


  • Basic file operations for managing font files

Favorite Fonts:

  • manages fonts by favorite groups

Unicode Support:

  • Can be run on any language OS. Sample text, font file name or font name can be in any language.

Multi-language UI:

  • Any language UI can be used with a translated language file.


  • Manages fonts with tags


  • NexusFont can be run in USB memory with font files in it. Even the drive letter is changed, all library information will be maintained.

System Requirement: Windows XP or above


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