Medieval Cyrillic Free Fonts

This place is an attempt to collect as much information as it is possible for Medieval Cyrillic free fonts. The project is ongoing.



  Vector reconstruction of Glagolitic Letters, Cyrillic Letters and Ornaments


Some useful links

AATSEEL: Medieval Slavic Fonts
Synaxis: Slavonic Font Families
Croatian History: Croatian Cyrillic Script
Nikita Simmons: Documentation of Various Letter Forms in Early Printed Church Slavonic Resources: The Northern Slavic Typographic Tradition (c.1555 – c.1655)
Nikita Simmons: Documentation of Various Slavonic Letter Forms: Miscellaneous Images
А. И. Соболевский: Славяно-русская палеография
Unicode: Unicode-compliant fonts containing mediæval cyrillic characters
Repertorium of Old Bulgarian Literature and Letters
Quivira is a free Unicode font in the OpenType format
Збирка ћирилских рукописних књига НБС
Старословенска писма. Old Slavic fonts
Fonts: Irmologion
Library of Liturgical Texts: Church Slavonic (Synodal)
Ponomar: Files
Архиепископ Алипий (Гаманович): Грамматика церковнославянского языка
SCI: Slavonic Computing Initiative
Aleksandr Andreev: Typiconman
Aleksandr Andreev: Proposal to Use Standardized Variation Sequences to Encode Church Slavonic Glyph Variants in Unicode
Григорович: Сканы древнихъ южнославянскихъ рукописей изъ собранiя Григоровича
Древнерусские берестяные грамоты

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