Romanian Latin Feature Locl

Romanian Latin Feature Locl

Romanian Latin Feature Locl

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Romanian Latin Feature Locl

feature locl {

script latn;
language ROM exclude_dflt;
sub [Scedilla uni0162 scedilla uni0163] by [uni0218 uni021A uni0219 uni021B];

} locl;


Do not use the glyph names Tcedilla, tcedilla, Scommaaccent, scommaaccent, Tcommaaccent, tcommaaccent — as they are not compatible with AGLFN and Mac OS X 10.4 or earlier. Use the corresponding uniXXXX glyph names instead, as shown above.

Romanian language has 5 special letters—they are not diacritics per se, but are generally referred to as such.

Ăă — A/a with BREVE for the sound /ə/;
Ââ — A/a with CIRCUMFLEX for the sound /ɨ/;
Îî — I/i with CIRCUMFLEX for the sound /ɨ/;
Șș — S/s with COMMA BELOW for the sound /ʃ/;
Țț — T/t with COMMA BELOW for the sound /ʦ/.


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