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Arabic Font 'Kaleem' by Mostafa El Abasiry on
Arabic Font ‘Kaleem’ by Mostafa El Abasiry on
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RunyaRunya is the result of a two day fun side project, and Yanone’s excuse to finally contribute a proper hipster font. Runya is a proper hipster font. It supports Arabic, Farsi and Urdu. No Latin.

Design: Jan Gerner

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Amiri Font

Amiri FontAmiri is a classical Arabic typeface in Naskh style for typesetting books and other running text. Amiri is a revival of the beautiful typeface pioneered in early 20th century by Bulaq Press in Cairo, also known as Amiria Press, after which the font is named. The uniqueness of this typeface comes from its superb balance between the beauty of Naskh calligraphy on one hand, the constraints and requirements of elegant typography on the other. Also, it is one of the few metal typefaces that were used in typesetting the Koran, making it a good source for a digital typeface to be used in typesetting Koranic verses. Amiri project aims at the revival of the aesthetics and traditions of Arabic typesetting, and adapting it to the era of digital typesetting, in a publicly available form. Amiri is a free, open source project that everyone is encouraged to use and modify. See the license for more details.

Design: Khaled Hosny

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El Messiri

El MessiriEl Messiri is a modern Arabic typeface family designed by Mohamed Gaber (Arabic) that began with Jovanny Lemonad’s Latin and Cyrillic typeface Philosopher. The Arabic started with the concept of a curvy Arabic typeface inspired by the beauty of Naskh and drawn as if with a brush instead of the traditional bamboo pen. The idea took form with wide counters that improve readability at smaller text sizes, and has subtle details that make it a great display face at larger sizes. El Messiri current comes in 4 weights (Light, Regular, SemiBold and Bold) and the Arabic component has a wide glyph set that supports the Arabic, Farsi and Urdu languages.
The font is available for free through Google fonts.

Design: Mohamed Gaber

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Free Arabic Fonts at Fontlibrary

Collection of free Arabic fonts at Fontlibrary
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Free Arabic Fonts at Uyghur Computer Science Association

Collection of free Arabic fonts at Uyghur Computer Science Association
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Free Arabic fonts at Google Fonts

Collection of free Arabic fonts at Google Fonts
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Free Arabic fonts at SILL

Collection of free Arabic fonts at SILL
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Free Arabic fonts for LaTeX/XeTeX

Overview of Arabic fonts available for LaTeX/XeTeX
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Khotot project aims at increasing the number of available Arabic free and open source fonts. The goals of this project are. Create and/or salvage high quality free and open TTF Arabic fonts. Create a central repository of all free and open source Arabic fonts (TTF and otherwise) in order to get them included into the various distributions. To better couple and artistically match Arabic fonts to their latin counterparts. You can visit our web page:
This software package/product and attached documentations are provided “as is”, with no warranty.

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Alif Type

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