Unibook™ Character Browser

Unibook™ Character Browser
Unibook™ Character Browser

The Unibook™ Character Browser is a tool developed by ASMUS, Inc. to present information about the characters defined in the Unicode Standard and the International Standard ISO/IEC 10646. Using Unibook, you can print and search listings of character codes and names, as well as display and search a variety of information about Unicode characters and their properties. Unibook can be used to look up unknown characters copied from a document and to generate the Unicode value for any character for pasting into documents.

Unibook takes a simple text file containing a character name list, plus some font and formatting configuration files, and produces fully interactive versions of both code charts and character name tables. These code charts can be used interactively to look up information on particular characters or character properties, including tracking cross references to other characters. They can be printed in a format resembling the standard documents.

Unibook allows you to view the characters supported by any font installed on your system and to print cross mapping tables for several other character sets to the Unicode Standard, based on the mappings built into and provided by the operating system.

Unibook has been used to produce the printed and online code charts for The Unicode Standard since Version 3.0, as well as code charts for all editions of ISO/IEC 10646 since 2000. (For that work, a non-public collection of fonts is used, which may differ in some details from the fonts available on your system).

The program can also be used to prepare drafts and proposals for future additions to the Unicode and ISO standards. While there is no editing support in the program itself, all changes in content can be made to the input files using plain text editors. You can also change the formatting of the resulting charts and nameslist by changing the formatting parameters in the dialogs and save these format settings as files. Another useful feature for proposal editors is the ability to create lists of characters and load them into Unibook for proofing.


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