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ѿ сѡфро́нїа.

Матѳе́й, и҆́же и҆ леѵі́й, а҆пⷭ҇лъ ѿ мытаре́й, во і҆ꙋде́и пе́рвый вѣ́ровавшихъ ра́ди ѿ ѡ҆брѣ́занїѧ, є҆ѵⷢ҇лїе хрⷭ҇то́во писмены̀ и҆ глаго́лы є҆вре́йскими сочинѝ, невѣ́домомꙋ по си́хъ во є҆́ллинское сїѐ прело́жшꙋ: є҆вре́йское же да́же до дне́сь є҆́сть въ книгохрани́тельницѣ кесарі́йской, ѿ памфі́ла мꙋ́ченика тща́тельнѡ ᲂу҆стро́ившейсѧ. Мнѣ́ же ѿ назѡре́ѡвъ, въ вері́и сѷрі́йстѣй сїѐ ᲂу҆потреби́вшихъ, во́лѧ подаде́сѧ сегѡ̀ преписа́нїѧ: и҆́мже є҆́сть и҆звѣ́стно вѣ́дати, ꙗ҆́кѡ и҆дѣ́же бы є҆ѵⷢ҇лі́стъ и҆лѝ ѿ лица̀ своегѡ̀, и҆лѝ ѿ лица̀ гдⷭ҇а на́шегѡ і҆и҃са хрⷭ҇та̀ и҆ сп҃са, свидѣ́тєльства ᲂу҆потреби́лъ дре́внихъ писа́нїй, не послѣ́довати во́ли седми́десѧтъ толко́вникѡвъ, но є҆вре́йской: ѿ ни́хже два̀ сꙋ́ть ѻ҆́на: И҆з̾ є҆гѵ́пта воззва́хъ сн҃а моего̀: и҆, Ꙗ҆́кѡ назѡре́й нарече́тсѧ. (л. а҃ ѡ҆б.)


The typeface is standard and is used in liturgical books published since the late 19th century. The Indyction font was originally developed by Vladislav V. Dorosh. Copyright (c) Vladislav V. Dorosh, Calmius Software, 1996-98, 2002. Distributed as Indyction UCS as part of CSLTeX, licensed under the LaTeX Project Public License.

Reencoded for Unicode and edited by Aleksandr Andreev, Slavonic Computing Initiative, 2016. Distributed as Indiction Unicode under the SIL Open Font License. Fine tuning and OpenType tables and Graphite GDL instructions by Aleksandr Andreev. Indiction Unicode is Copyright 2016 Aleksandr Andreev.

The current version of Indiciton Unicode is BETA Version 0.5. Please note: this font is beta-stage software and is intended primarily for software testing purposes.

It is understood that Indiction Unicode is free software. As such, it comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Design, Publisher, Copyright, License

Copyright, 2016: Aleksandr Andreev


Aleksandr Andreev

Aleksandr Andreev

Assistant Professor at St. Petersburg Theological Academy.

Free License

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