Yavorov. Insomnias

Яворов. Безсъници


Peyo Yavorov
П. К. Яворов




Library magazine
сп. „Библиотека“


Hristo Stanchev
Христо Станчев

Release Date


Used Fonts

Constantia (cover font)
Intarsia (titul font)

П. К. Яворов. Безсъници (1906-1907)

About the Book

The book Insomnias by Yavorov marks the beginning of Bulgarian Symbolism in poetry and is an emblem of the new movement as a period of Bulgarian literary process.

About the Fonts

Constantia is used for the front cover and Intarsia (outline) is used on the title page. The both fonts are a bichromatic set issued by Bauer & Co. and Berthold before 1899. Samples for Intarsia in German and Russian were registered by Berthold in 1899. The Russion font foundry Wilborg presents Intarsia as a Weronika font in its catalog (see p. 24-25).


Related Typefaces

Concordia, Mephisto, Washington, Webster, Lafayette, Alexandra, Jefferson

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