Old Slavic alphabets and new fonts

By Viktor Kharyk | September 21, 2007 |

Click at the bottom of the Gallery to see the presentation on a full screan.
‘Old Slavic alphabets and new fonts’ by Viktor Kharyk is a Conference report, Brighton, 2007


Viktor KharykViktor Kharyk is an Ukrainian designer, b. Kiev, 1957. Graduate of the Senior College for Print and Design in Kiev in 1982. Viktor became art director at Sphera in Kiev. Main type designer at Kiev-based company Unique GmbH in 1988-2001. In 2012, he cofounded Apostrof with Konstantin Golovchenko. He designs Armenian, Greek, Georgian, Devanagari, Hebrew, Cyrillic and Arabic fonts, and is particularly interested in revivals of ancient, forgotten, or historically important typefaces and writing systems. You could see and buy his fonts at MyFonts.

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