Mart is a semi serif font family. The main goal of the development was the creation of crisp, laconic and elegant outlines of the characters. It is intended to be used in headlines and text block in the appropriate magazines and printed materials. Mart is influenced by Rotis® Semi Serif by Otl Aicher and Apple Garamond.

All European languages are supported. It can be used both on Windows and MacOS based computers. There is a Guide about choosing and working with Mart typeface.

Design, Publisher, Copyright, License

Design: Asen Tiberiy Baramov

Publisher: NoCommenType

Copyright 2012 by NoCommenType. All rights reserved.


Asen Tiberiy Baramov

Jean-Baptiste Levée

Asen Tiberiy Baramov (No Comment Group, Sofia, Bulgaria) is a Bulgarian type designer. His typefaces: Tichy Black (2012: an octagonal typeface for Latin and Cyrillic. The Cyrillic glyphs are influenced by the work of the great Bulgarian typographers Boris Angelushev, Vassil Yonchev and Alexander Poplilov, who developed Cyrillic further in the 1960s and 1970s). IN 2012, Baramov designed the contrasted semi-serif typeface Mart, which was influenced, he says, by Rotis Semi Serif (Otl Aicher) and Apple Garamond.


Commercial License

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