Narziss Pro Cyrillic


“Since Mommie, I gradually got more into swirly ornaments. The massive contrast in the neoclassic style is perfect for thin swirly extentions to the characters. Even in an upright typeface. Narziss is very elegant in big headlinesizes. Use it only very big.

What was the inspiration for designing the font? Spencerian calligraphies and neoclassic contrast.

What are its main characteristics and features? Narziss is very elegant in very big sizes. The Regular version is without any ornament.

The Drops version has some character like the e and the k that are more unique.

The Swirls version has got carefully added swirls, that come out of the basic stroke and flow into other characters.

Usage recommendations: Big headlines in magazines, brochures and invitations.” (Hubert Jocham)

Design, Publisher, Copyright, License

Design: Hubert Jocham

Publisher: Hubert Jocham Type

Copyright 2007 by Hubert Jocham Type. All rights reserved.

Hubert Jocham

Hubert Jocham

Hubert Jocham was born in Memmingen, Germany, in 1965. After his apprenticeship in typesetting, he studied Graphic Design in Augsburg, Germany and Preston, England. After freelancing for a few years he went to London, to work in corporate branding. After work he designed text and headline typefaces for magazines like Frank and Arena. Back in Germany and back in good old Memmingen he still spends his time designing corporate and product brands, still works for many different magazines, and has founded his own font library.

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