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Brilliant has a classical proportions influence in its design, in which extremely fine hairlines contrast sharply with bolder stems, and delicate serifs. Brilliant is recognized by its high contrast between thick and thin strokes, pure vertical stress, and hairline serifs. It brings elegance and sparkle to any text design, including headlines, text, and logos. In the Bulgarian Code Page are included all vow-els with accents that are really necessary for the typeset-ting in Bulgarian language, and are not included in the Cyrillic Code Page.

Design, Publisher, Copyright, License

Design: HermesSOFT

Publisher: HermesSOFT Co.

Copyright 2001 by HermesSOFT Co. All rights reserved.

Specimen: Brilliant PRO



Company and font vendor run by Ivan Neytchev from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The fonts are designed by a team of Bulgarian type designers who used to work for Monotype in the 1980s. Makers of high quality (expensive) Cyrillic, Western, Greek, Central European, and Baltic typefaces, plus multiple master fonts.


Commercial License

Where to buy: HermesSOFT

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