Thinking in Type

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The Practical Philosophy of Typography

Title: Thinking in Type: The Practical Philosophy of Typography
Author: Alex W. White
Publisher: Allworth Press (Jan. 1st, 2005)
ISBN-13: 9781581153842
ISBN-10: 1581153848
Format: Paperback Book, 215 pages
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With this visually stunning primer, designers will develop the skills and vision to produce truly innovative, eye-catching type design. All of the basics about type design are covered and in-depth information is provided on more advanced topics such as the differences between type applications, how typography creates identity, and what readers look for and respond to. Using more than 2,000 images from the 18th century up to the present day, this book can be used as a first exposure primer for students and as a reader for professionals.
– From the author of “How to Spec Type” (0-78815-978-x), which has sold more than 34,000 copies, and “The Elements of Graphic Design” (1-58115-250-7)
– Advertising in “Communication Arts”


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