Type Rules

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Wiley; October 2013
Edition: 4
ISBN: 9781118748695
Title: Type Rules
Author: Ilene Strizver
Imprint: Wiley
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Type Rules!, Fourth Edition is an up-to-date, thorough introduction to the principles and practices of typography. From the fundamentals to cutting-edge applications, this edition has everything today’s serious designer needs to use type effectively. Dozens of exercises reinforce authoritative coverage on such topics as how to select the appropriate type for the job, how to set type like a pro, and how to design a typeface, as well as how to fully harness the power of major design packages including the Adobe Creative Suite.
Includes video clips showing examples of projects discussed in Chapter 11 – Type on the Web and Chapter 12 – Type in Motion

About The Author

Ilene Strizver is the founder of The Type Studio in Westport, Connecticut. She writes and teaches extensively on typography. During her career, she has been creative and produc- tion director of U&lc magazine, as well as director of typeface development at International Typeface Corporation (ITC) in New York City, where she developed more than 300 text and display typefaces with respected type designers such as Sumner Stone, Erik Spiekermann, Jill Bell, Jim Parkinson, and the late Phill Grimshaw. In addition to penning the popular TypeTalk column for creativepro.com, Ilene is a featured contributor to the Fontology series for fonts.com.


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