Ropa Mix Pro

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Complete family of 32 fonts
Botio Nikoltchev
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Ropa Mix
Ropa Mix
Ropa Mix
Ropa Mix
Ropa Mix
Ropa Mix
Ropa Mix
Ropa Mix
Ropa Mix
Ropa Mix

Ropa Mix Pro is the third charming sister of the Ropa Type System. While Ropa Sans is cool and somewhat technical – almost like brushed steel and Ropa Soft Pro warm and friendly – closer to smoked wood, the new Ropa Mix Pro family combines the characteristics of its both older sisters.

The medium weights of Ropa Mix Pro serve well in body text, while the thinner and bolder styles make an excellent choice for headlines. Fonts from the Ropa Mix, Soft and Sans families can be used together to create a richer mix, and the humanistic italics round up the typographic system with additional quirky flavor.

To continue with the tradition established by Ropa Sans Pro and Ropa Soft, two styles of Ropa Mix Pro are available free of charge: the smooth and understated Regular Italic and the strikingly distinct Extra Bold Italic.

Ropa Mix Pro provides advanced typographical support with features such as case-sensitive forms, fractions, super and subscript characters, and stylistic alternates. It comes with a complete range of old style and lining figures, witch are in tabular and proportional widths. In addition to an extensive coverage of Latin-based languages, Ropa Mix Pro provides essential support for the Cyrillic and Greek writing systems. It is manually hinted and optimized for screens, hence it has an excellent web-font, eBooks or Apps performance.

Design, Publisher, Copyright, License

Design: Botio Nikoltchev

Publisher: Lettersoup

Copyright 2016 by Botio Nikoltchev. All rights reserved.

Botio Nikoltchev

Botio Nikoltchev

Botjo Nikoltchev, b. 1978, Sofia, Bulgaria. Botio studied graphic and type design in Potsdam. He is living and working as a freelance designer in Berlin. He studied communication design at the University of Applied Science Potsdam and took type design classes with Luc(as) de Groot. After his studies Botio worked with Ole Schäfer (Primetype) on the Cyrillic characters of PTL Manual, PTL Manual Mono and PTL Notes. Since 2010 he has been collaborating with Ralph du Carrois and Erik Spiekermann as type designer and art director at Carrois Type Design, focusing on Cyrillic, Greek and Arabic language extensions and CI projects. In 2014, he set up the commercial typefoundry Lettersoup.

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