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Luc(as) de Groot
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Thesis was designed to be the definitive typeface for every aspect of a corporate identity project. The fonts are so carefully drawn that they main their form in sizes ranging from business card to billboard.

TheSerif is part of the Thesis superfamily. In the decades since Luc(as) de Groot first published it in 1994, it has come to epitomize the useful-yet-friendly, all-purpose contemporary low-contrast serif. Together with TheSans and TheMix, it is the face of thousands of organisations, publications and web sites – making it one of the most widely read typefaces world-wide.

TheSerif is a low-contrast typeface, meaning that the differences between its thin and thick strokes are not very pronounced. References to writing with the broad-nibbed pen are still present, giving the letters a diagonal stress and a forward flow that facilitates reading. The roman letterforms tend to have some characteristics of an italic or written construction. The italic forms themselves are very distinctive: they were not derived from the upright but were individually designed while perfectly complementing the roman forms.

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Design: Luc(as) de Groot

Publisher: FontFabrik

Luc(as) de Groot

Luc(as) de Groot

Berlin-based Dutch type designer Luc(as) de Groot is best-known for his superfamily Thesis: TheSans, TheSerif, TheMix, TheAntiqua, with monospaced and even Arabic variants. But his repertoire is much wider and his type became a subtle part of everyday life. Luc(as) has designed custom fonts for newspapers such as Folha de S.Paulo, Le Monde, Metro, Der Spiegel, taz.die tageszeitung, Freitag, Jungle World – in addition to creating corporate type for international companies including Sun Microsystems, Bell South, Heineken, Volkswagen and Miele. He developed two font families for Microsoft: the monospaced font family Consolas, as a successor for Courier, and Calibri, the new default typeface in MS Word.

Typefaces: TheSans, TheSerif, TheMix, TheAntiqua
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