Avory is a gently condensed sans that challenges convention. It finds itself on the expressive end of the spectrum – features like the low optical center and wide horizontal crossbars give it an unmistakable appearance. Tall, with broad shoulders, easily spotted from afar. Inspired by the lettering work of Czech designer Jaroslav Benda, a lesser known treasure of mid-century graphic design. From there it developed into a full-fledged typographic power tool. Nine weights, complete with italics, small caps, a wide range of symbols, and additional support for Greek and Cyrillic scripts. Available in two versions that work like a different outfit. Retro-chic or smart-casual?

Cyrillic Local Features

loclBGR loclSRB loclMKD

Design: Sláva Jevčinová

Post-production: David Březina
Cyrillic consultancy: Maria Doreuli
Greek consultancy: Irene Vlachou

Publisher: Rosetta Type Foundry

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