SK Primo

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Modern geometric typeface with two styles: solid & outline by SHRIFTOVIK font foundry.

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Displays the custom font created for the periodic table Opera. This Opera is based on the eponymous book by Primo Levi, which was published in 1975. In 2006, the British Royal Institute proclaimed the “periodic table” the best book of all time. The alphabet is based on the combination of the main forms of symbols and squares. Two styles, solid and outline, were developed to address all communication needs.

Tikhon Reztcov

My name is Tikhon Reztcov. I’m a graphic designer from Moscow, Russia. More than a year ago I seriously became interested in fonts and typography. Studying the basics of font design, I fell in love with the font and typography! Bends of lines, sharpness of serifs, thickness of strokes, elegance of ligatures …. All this made me fall in love with the font.

I believe that every font has a soul, its own unique features, its behavior in the text and graphic compositions. Now I create the fonts myself and continue to study them, improving my skills with each new font. For me, every important feature of the font, every detail of it. When I create a font that I follow not only for its functionality, quality performance, modernity, but also for the characteristic distinctive features of each symbol.

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