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Bergen Text is the younger twin and a lifetime companion of Bergen Sans with perfect legibility and adorable personality. It has been carefully crafted to improve readability experience particularly on small text sizes. Bergen Text is a family of of 6 fonts. While being a small font family it has plenty of Open Type features for highly professional use and Extended Latin, Cyrillic (including Bulgarian character set) and Greek language support.

Design, Publisher, Copyright, License

Design: Milos Mitrovic

Publisher: Mindburger Studio

Copyright 2017 by Milos Mitrovic. All rights reserved.

Milos Mitrovic

Milos Mitrovic

Milos Mitrovic (Mindburger Studio, est. 2015, Nis, Serbia, but now located in Bergen, Norway) created the 1920s style sans family Bambino (2014), which was influenced by Futura. In 2015, he published Bambino New. Typefaces from 2016: Bergen Sans (a modern geometric sans advertized in this manner: “[…]clean and stylized Scandinavian geometry, partnered with explosive post Bauhaus type aesthetics[…])”, Noir (based on early 20th century geometric sans models; in 12 styles, for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic). Typefaces from 2017: Bergen Mono, Bergen Text (a great geometric sans family). Typefaces from 2019: Radial (a variable sans).


Commercial License

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