Axiforma was designed with the single idea of creating a font that starts with the letter A, because let’s face it, this is the best letter. For those of you who didn’t see it coming, Axiforma is a /drum roll/ geometric sans in 20 weights. If you are thinking “Oh boy, another geometric sans”, you clearly know your stuff. Yet, Axiforma is different in at least three crucial ways:

1) It’s made by me
2) It’s not free
3) It’s polite and humble

Additionally, Axiforma is packed with OpenType such as oldstyle numbers, fractions, case sensitive alternates, localized forms, stylistic sets, cyrillic alphabets (Bulgarian & Russian) and many more. Basically it’s quite extensive and kinda great.

Upon using Axiforma, clients will start to behave differently around you and may even start paying you. Your spouse will start working out again just to gain your attention and your kid will become instantly popular at school. After all you are using Axiforma and rumors do spread quickly. That’s what we are talking about – raw font power.

With Axiforma regular typed text is suddently transformed into first class design. That includes branding, posters, headlines, display, presentation materials, websites, logotypes, etc. The world will now be your playground.
To sum it up, Axiforma is badass, thus you should have it and use it everywhere.

Design, Publisher, Copyright, License

Design: Galin Kastelov

Publisher: Kastelov

Copyright 2017 by Galin Kastelov. All rights reserved.

Galin Kastelov

Galin Kastelov

Bulgarian type designer now based in London. Typefaces from 2015: Nolan Next, Nolan (a wide-eyed headline and display sans family). Typefaces from 2016: Intelo (a useful grotesque typeface family for scientific and technical publications). Typefaces from 2017: Axiforma (a large geometric sans typeface family that covers Latin, Cyrillic and Bulgarian Cyrillic).

Commercial License

Where to buy: Fontspring

Where to buy: MyFonts

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