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Nikola Djurek, Alexander Tarbeev
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An elegant typeface suitable for setting books and magazines. Brioni developed spontaneously from practice with a broad-nib pen, but the result is a hybrid of calligraphic influences and subtle manipulation of the stroke terminals.
Brioni was designed by Nikola Djurek in 2008. In 2010 Nikola received the Icograda Excellence Award for his typefaces Brioni, Plan Grotesque and Marlene. In 2013, Alexander Tarbeev designed the Cyrillic version, and Peter Bilak designed the Greek version.

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Design: Nikola Djurek, Alexander Tarbeev

Publisher: Typotheque

Copyright 2008-2013 by Typotheque. All rights reserved.

Nikola Djurek

Nikola Djurek

Nikola Djurek was born in Croatia, studied in Croatia, Italy and finally in The Netherlands at postgraduate master course Type and Media at Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, he earned his PhD degree in the graphic and type-design field. Nikola is a partner at Typotheque, and teaches at Art Academy – DVK, University of Split and University of Zagreb, Faculty of Design.

Alexander Tarbeev

Alexander Tarbeev

Alexander Tarbeev (b. 1956) is a Russian type designer, author of Cyrillic versions of ITC typefaces like ITC Garamond, ITC Benguiat Gothic, Friz Quadrata and other Cyrillic typefaces. Tarbeev teaches in the Faculty of Graphic Design at the Moscow State University of Printing Arts. He runs TFaces design studio.


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