PT Serif Pro

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Complete family of 38 fonts
Vladimir Yefimov, Olga Umpeleva, Alexandra Korolkova
© 2011 by ParaType. All rights reserved.



PT Serif Pro is an universal type family designed for use together with PT Sans Pro family released earlier.

PT Serif Pro coordinates with PT Sans Pro on metrics, proportions, weights and design. It consists of 38 styles: 6 weights (from light to black) with corresponding italics of normal proportions; 6 weights (from light to black) with corresponding italics of narrow proportions; 6 weights (from light to black) with corresponding italics of extended proportions; and 2 caption styles (regular and italic) are for texts of small point sizes.

The letterforms are distinguished by large x-height, modest stroke contrast, robust wedge-like serifs, and triangular terminals. Due to these features the face can be qualified as matched to modern trends of type design and of enhanced legibility. Mentioned characteristics beside conventional use in business applications and printed stuff made the fonts quite useable for advertising and display typography. Each font next to standard Latin and Cyrillic character sets contain alphabet glyphs of title languages of the national republics of Russian Federation and support the most of the languages of neighboring countries.

The fonts were developed and released by ParaType in 2011 with financial support from Federal Agency of Print and Mass Communications of Russian Federation. PT Serif family together with PT Sans won the bronze in Original Typeface category of ED-Awards 2011.

Design, Publisher, Copyright, License

Design: Vladimir Yefimov, Olga Umpeleva, Alexandra Korolkova

Publisher: ParaType

Copyright 2011 by ParaType. All rights reserved.

Vladimir Yefimov

Vladimir Yefimov

Vladimir Yefimov was one of the most respected Russian type designers. He was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1949, studied at Moscow Art School, and graduated from the Moscow Printing Institute in 1973 as a graphic designer. He worked at the Type Department of NPO Polygraphmash (1973-91) and at ParaGraph Intl., Moscow (1992-98) designing Cyrillic typefaces. He was then the art director and a co-founder of ParaType, Inc., Moscow.

Olga Umpeleva

Olga Umpeleva

Graduate of the Moscow State University of Printing Art. Designer of the free font Tagesschrift (2005, Yanone, done together with Jan Gerner, A. Korolkova and V. Yefimov). Author of many others beautiful fonts like Fado, Federico etc.

Alexandra Korolkova

Alexandra Korolkova

Alexandra Korolkova (born 1984) is a Russian typeface designer. She was awarded the infrequently presented Prix Charles Peignot in 2013 by the Association Typographique Internationale, becoming the first Russian prizewinner. Korolkova’s best-known work is probably the PT Fonts project, a partly open-source project commissioned by the Russian Ministry of Communications as a single family able to support all the common variations of the Cyrillic script. Korolkova works for the company ParaType and studied at the Moscow State University of Printing Arts. She is the author of the book Living Typography (Russian: Живая типографика) and has also given lectures on Cyrillic letter structure. She has also designed the typeface FF Carina for FontShop.


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